Best ways to make handmade jewelry – unique earrings, handmade bracelets

When you have a handmade jewelry website, you must have a good photo. Unfortunately, handmade jewelry is difficult to shoot. Many jewelers cannot hire professionals, which is why they want to do it themselves. Even amateur photographers can use simple techniques to get better results with minimal effort. The following example shows the basic configuration that should allow anyone to get results that they can be proud of.

In the past, we spent thousands of dollars on photo processing, but today we are very lucky with digital cameras. I can write an article about the advantages of digital cameras. It is no longer a high-quality professional camera, as most digital cameras have macro features specifically designed to capture small objects such as handmade earrings and bracelets manual. Reading the camera manual can help you understand how to place the camera in macro mode.

The key to good handmade jewelry photography (jewelry retouching service) is clarity, lighting and exposure. The macro lens is very helpful for the sharpness factor. A tripod is another key to a clear picture. It is absolutely necessary to use a tripod or similar bracket to shoot handmade accessories. A sturdy tripod is better than a fragile tripod, but any tripod is better than any tripod. Always use a tripod and your photos will be clear.

If you are considering investing in a new digital camera just to shoot handmade jewelry, one of the most convenient features we often use is the direct connection between the cameras. We adjust all the settings on your computer and press the spacebar to take a photo. Without any type of confusion or action, all configurations are always the same. Technology makes life easier.

The second key to great photography of handmade jewelry is lighting (jewelry retouching service). Usually diffuse (soft) lighting is best for jewelry. You may have noticed that the flash in your camera is not producing good photos. The flash is not only too bright at such a long distance, but also produces bright spots and shadows that distract you. Instead of flashing, it’s best to use continuous lighting to shoot handmade earrings and handmade bracelets. Natural light is provided using natural light bulb illumination. You can purchase it from your photo provider. We use a 5200K bulb that looks more like daylight. Even these lights must be scattered, for which a light tent like a diffuser is used.

The compact and lightweight tent makes it easy to reduce glare and shadows by handmade jewelry photography. They are commercially available in a variety of sizes and shapes, but usually they are very expensive. Using a nylon material with white edges, a pair of metal hangers and double-sided tape to make your own lighting tent is not difficult. Light tents soften shadows and eliminate glare while providing a clean, tidy background.

Good exposure is the ultimate key to good handmade jewelry photography (jewelry retouching service). If your background is very white, but the image is grayed out, the image is underexposed. This means you have to get more light to reach the camera’s image sensor. Adjust the camera’s exposure compensation setting to slightly overexpose the image. Almost all digital cameras have exposure compensation settings, but you may need to read the camera’s instruction manual to learn how to adjust your exposure compensation settings. Once you have found the exposure compensation control, simply increase the exposure until the image is correct.

If you are happy with photography, try using the aperture and shutter speed settings to see how they affect exposure. Once you’ve found the perfect setting for handmade jewelry, you’ll find that you can easily adjust the different parts of them. We tend to shoot new handmade earrings and handmade bracelets, so everything is set only once. You can also view your settings in photos that suit you, and keep the same settings every time.

Image software, even cheap software like Photoshop Elements? You can make handmade jewelry photography more easily. It seems that the speed of using the image may be faster than when shooting. But in fact, it’s hard to make sure your handmade earrings and handmade bracelets look the same as you want them. Image software allows you to crop images, resize images, adjust exposure, delete backgrounds and even fine-tune images. I especially like to automatically improve the correct color balance.

Over the years, we have been photographing our handmade jewelry, which, like hand-made earrings and hand-made bangles, has become easier over time. I hope these suggestions can help you shoot unique handmade jewelry (jewelry retouching service).



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