Casino raid movies- เว็บแทงบอล

Of course, Hollywood has also recognized that can be made with casino raids money. Thus, several casino raid films have already been filmed with top-class cast. I would like to particularly recommend the following two stripes to you:

Almost everyone knows him, the movie “Ocean’s Eleven”, which was released in 1960 but has not been re-released until 2001, in which actors like George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts rob one of Las Vegas’ biggest casinos (เว็บแทงบอล)  and the Landing coup of their lives.

Danny Ocean (played by George Clooney) is released on parole for several years in prison for theft and plunges directly into the next criminal act he has planned in detail during his time in prison. He wants to rob in Las Vegas the vault of the famous casino hotel “Bellagio”, because he knows from a safe source, that here about 160 million dollars are kept. As the vault lies underground in a 70 meter deep bunker with all conceivable safety precautions, Danny puts together a team of eleven to implement this raid, including a croupier, pyrotechnics, electronics experts, car makers, pickpockets and a Chinese acrobat. In preparation, they peek out the casinos and check the respective security precautions on site.

They study construction plans of the building, gain access to various documents and hack into the camera monitoring system of the Bellagio. This information enables them to create a replica of the vault room so that the Chinese acrobat can practice how to move around the room without touching the sensor-secured floor. On the day of the planned robbery, the gang informs the casino owner over the phone that his safe is being cleared and he can watch the thieves on the screens of his surveillance center. Both parties conclude the deal that the gang will leave half of the money in the vault if the owner does not intervene, calling the police and allowing the thieves to leave the casino unhindered. Otherwise, the gang would destroy the bills remaining in the vault by means of incendiary bombs. The owner agrees, but tries to outsmart the gang and stops the car at the airport.

It is only then that he realizes that the car was remote-controlled and that there are only worthless notes in the money sacks. The robbery he saw on the camera pictures was a staged recording from the replica of the vault. With this trick, the gang manages to get enough time to clear the vault at that moment. For this they get dressed as SWAT team of the police without any problems in the security area of ​​the casino and then in the vault and can smuggle out unnoticed the bills in the pockets of their supposed equipment. Everything goes according to plan and Danny only has to go to prison for half a year again because he violated his probation requirements when entering Nevada, but no one can prove his robbery. Fat booty for Ocean’s Eleven! This casino (เว็บแทงบอล) robbery movie is really worth watching!

The movie “21”, released on German screens in 2008, is based on a true story and is about an MIT student (played by Jim Sturgess) who does not know how to pay his tuition fees and coincidentally gets a very interesting offer from his maths teacher. Professor (played by Kevin Spacey) gets. The professor has developed a sophisticated system to count the cards in blackjack, so that the prize is virtually guaranteed. In order to monetize his sophisticated strategy, he is looking for exceptional intellectual talents, and so he puts together a team of his students to teach his tricks to then plunder the casinos in Las Vegas. At the weekends, they fly to Vegas together and collect, through the combination of card reading and hidden gestures, very successful high profits. Of course, this is noticeable to the casino operators over time and does not justify them.

The strategy of card reading was developed in 1962 by the mathematician Edward O. Thorp and is also comprehensible for a mathematical average talented man. Blackjack is played with 312 cards made up of six packages of French playing cards. Cards that are played once are not shuffled back into the stack. So you can remember the already played cards and thus draw conclusions about which cards are still in the stack. It does not really notice the cards, but divides them into certain values ​​and then counts them with. “21” is not a movie, who deals with a typical robbery, however, he shows how the casinos can be “robbed” in a sophisticated way. Card counting is not forbidden, but it means a big financial loss for the casinos. Nowadays, casinos have taken measures to stop card counting. All in all, a Hollywood production that is absolutely worth seeing.

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