Maintaining Hormonal Balance Is The Key To Achieving Optimal Weight

In one of the articles about diet and nutrition, I mentioned that a Balance My Hormones system can help you reach and maintain your ideal weight. What am I talking about? When it comes to building your extraordinary body and discovering how to control hormonal balance, is it more important than eating well or exercising?

Obviously, diet and exercise are essential, but the food you eat and the exercise you do will have an effect on your body’s hormones. Let’s go back to the first point. Imagine a Balance My Hormones system that is a fundamental part of building the body; although exercise, diet, and other lifestyle factors are several tools for building this foundation. Know this, let’s see how your hormones work: Your hormones, also known as your endocrine system, include: pancreas, thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, adrenal glands, pineal gland, pituitary gland and testis / gonads.

When your hormones are at their best, it means you work and feel the best. You will experience:

  • Have a feeling of energy.
  • Emotional and balanced feelings.
  • Maximize management and overcome stress.
  • Proper metabolic process to achieve the desired weight.
  • Good digestion.
  • Have the opportunity to get up every morning and have fun at night.
  • Adequate sexual desire.
  • Optimal response and exercise recovery.

This is where it started. But when your body hormones are affected? What are these family complaints?

  • Emotional changes and depression.
  • Physical illnesses such as headaches, joint pain, shortness of breath, nervousness, poor skin and menstrual cramps.
  • Stress or anxiety.
  • The stomach is difficult to digest or digest.
  • Weight gain or sometimes weight loss.

Unfortunately, many of us have forgotten that these things are not normal. I think the main reason is that it has become a recognized normal phenomenon. This is an idea. If you feel these bad signals, you are at risk. This means you have to work hard to maintain a better hormonal structure.

What you need to know?

  • The body’s hormones are made up of a combination of small proteins (proteins), fats (fats) and cholesterol. They enter your glands and stem cells. When you eat enough protein, body fat and cholesterol, your cells have the best strength.
  • Healthy hormones depend on adequate intake of fat, protein and cholesterol. The body needs these meals, and without it, it is impossible to make the most of it.
  • Fear of cholesterol? you should not. In fact, the body naturally produces carbohydrates using carbohydrates.
  • Fat, I know that you have all heard of good fat, but would you add body fat to your food? Due to its protein and carbohydrate content, body fat should be the largest part of each meal. My study and work experience made me eat fat to eliminate the fat I don’t need. Good examples of premium fats include organic and milk fat, seafood, extra virgin olives and some nuts.
  • Protein can be used not only as a basis for intact hormones, but also as a basis for all cells in the body. Food from animals such as meat, poultry, seafood, eggs and eggs is a good source of protein. Although vegetarians and vegetarians can obtain protein from fermented soy foods, such as cardamom or miso, nuts and products from seeds and beans. Keep in mind that plant proteins do not have a complete amino acid structure, so you should consider mixing foods.

My last sentence, if you don’t believe you need to eat protein, body fat and cholesterol to achieve the best health and happiness, then try it. Use the food diary to see how the week without these foods affects your body compared to when you take it.