viedo game

Back in the days of the childhood of the grandparents when the technology has just reached the shore and was paving the way to the lives of the mankind , people used the most of their time on a manual basis, they had the practice of doing the work on their own no matter how hard it would be. Same was cited in the course of the enjoyment for the children. They used to drench themselves in sweat while playing all the outdoor games .It helped to keep them active and gave the energy to study and work for long hours. But the scenario has changed in these years as the maximum count of the children are seen at their homes keeping their eyes wide open in the games having a specified name video games.


Video games have become an going trend among the kids. It has snatched away the urge of the child to play outdoors. Besides, theses games have become one of the important daily needs of the children. Other than homework, playing these games have become a must. The invention of the video games have already made it super exciting and appealing. Besides the games which are more of thriller content are mostly opted by the children. The sound effects and the graphic designing leads an continuous urge and eager to fetch the games. With the upliftment in the technology theses games are designed in more of creative form. The recent 3D effect is a eye catching area of the kids which give them the feeling of being the player itself. The 3D effect lead them to feel the obstacles and given the equal enjoyment if they win and equally disheartened if they defeat. Besides the studies have proved that there are some videogames which even depress the kid on being defeated , sometimes may let the child assume to be a challenge and he blindly get the interest in playing it again and again till he has won it.


Video games have a direct effect to the physiology of an human. The thrilling experience brought about by the game leads to increase in the leave excitement which in return stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. As a result of which the heart rate, the respiratory rate and the cardiac output increases. Infact this games also elevate the stress level which in return lead to the adrenaline rush in the body . the adrenaline is responsible for controlling the emotions and happy mood so it increases the kid’s interest in it and he want to play more. Besides the activation of the sympathetic nervous system stimulates the gastric acid secretion and thereby may indirectly cause many gastro intestinal problems.

To conclude the video games are indeed a great invention of the technology but every coin has two sides same as this gift . The video games when been played for a limited period of time , there is no issues but when you exceed ,it result the above mentioned abnormalities in the body. Besides, it is the responsibility of the parent to let them play in grounds, so that they have a physical work out other than constantly gazing the computer screen for hours.

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