What Does It Mean To Invest In Luxury Watches?

In order to gain interesting figures from the investment of one’s own capital, the ability to exit the paths traced by banks and promoters is also needed. If it is true that the financial instruments are so many that you can accommodate the needs of anyone, it is equally true that unfortunately not always the annuities are what we expected.

Today I talk about how to invest in Luxury watches , a very special investment that, if done in the right way, can lead to very, very interesting returns. Since it is not contracts or actions, but goods that have a physical existence, there are some additional precautions that you will have to put in place before venturing into this very particular market.

How to do? I’ll talk about it during today’s guide, dedicated precisely to the world of investments in Luxury watches , true gems for collectors who can, over time, re-evaluate even tens of times. Invest in watches? Although it may seem a vague formula, it is actually a very precise way of investment, which concerns only very few brands and very few models of those currently available on the market.

In time, moreover, those who want to become a good value watch broker will necessarily have to manage catalogs, attend trade fairs and forums where these types of products are exchanged and develop a good eye to evaluate the future values ​​of each piece.

If the watches are already your passion, this should not be a problem. If you have never been interested in Luxury watches, it does not mean that you can not start working in this market anyway: it will be enough to study and apply, to become an operator in a market that, even for those with few capital, can offer enormous satisfactions.

On which brands of watches to invest?

There are very few brands that interest buyers willing to spend thousands of euros for a single piece, and we can divide them into luxury brands for vintage models and modern luxury brands, which produce pieces in limited series.

Regarding the historical brands that may interest those who want to invest in Luxury watches, we find:

  • Rolex : the luxury watch brand par excellence. It offers huge variety among the models, among which many continue to dominate far and wide the market of investment in watches. Of the models of Rolex that are the most interesting for those who want to invest, I will talk more in a few paragraphs;
  • Cartier : another sacred monster not only in watchmaking, but also and above all in the luxury accessories sector. As for Rolex, some of the Cartier models are rare and highly appreciated by collectors, willing to pay in some cases even tens of thousands of euros for a single piece;
  • Patek Philippe : Swiss company that is not only among the most prestigious, but also among the most luxurious in the history of watches. A Patek Philippe, especially if limited edition and vintage, is a safe investment and can lead to very, very high returns, as often happens if you try to invest in vintage watches and some leading brands in the industry.

Obviously there are not only these three giants for those who want to invest in watches. In fact, we find more recent models, even if the extremely limited circulation. Among the brands most followed by enthusiasts and those investing in watches we find:

  • always the first three, namely Cartier , Patek Philippe and also Rolex;
  • Omega : investing in Omega watches (a company that frequently presents special models with unconventional design or mechanics, in a few pieces that literally snapped up among those who are passionate about watches) can be a great deal.

The other brands, even when the prices are very high (think for example to Hublot, or to Panerai) are less in demand and generally have less market, even if in the presence of really special pieces could be the case to put a hand to the wallet.

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