What Makes The Best Flashlights?

In 1975, Pelican products were a family business, with founders, David and Alina Parker, receiving orders from their homes in California. As David is determined to produce unique, practical and useful products for his business, his family business quickly became a multi-million dollar business. Over time, Pelican Products began developing a wide range of products, including the famous flashlight series called Pelican Lights.

As one of the most commonly used flashlights, Pelican lights are not your usual flashlights. They are very popular with merchant ships and professional divers because they are durable both underwater and on water. Most models are equipped with safety features such as anti-shock systems, safety valves and battery polarity protectors.

The xenon lamp or xenon brenner series is one of the following categories: LED, xenon lamp or xenon brenner, halogen lamp or a combination of these different lamps. David and Arline Parker decided to replace these high-quality bulbs with traditional incandescent bulbs to ensure high quality and durable lighting. The three types of lights differ in their own way.

The LED lamp is a “semiconductor lamp” using a light emitting diode (ie, L.E.D.). There is no doubt that these types of lights are brilliant. These flashlight LEDs have been developed primarily for use on construction sites, which means they can be excellent coal mines, construction sites, and even private projects in your garden.

A halogen lamp is an incandescent bulb whose tungsten wire contains a small amount of halogen gas. The gas and tungsten filaments react chemically to produce bright, efficient light that can operate at higher temperatures. The efficiency of a halogen lamp can keep your flashlight countless hours.

Xenon lamps or xenon brenner use ionized helium to create bright light that mimics daylight. The result of hernia is bright white light. Although this lamp consumes electricity and is artificial, it will definitely make you think it is sunshine.

The designers of these beautiful lanterns created the concept of “compact and light”. Most of these lanterns weigh only a few ounces and are small enough to fit in their pockets. Although these lights are small, don’t confuse them with ordinary flashlights. After years of research and development, the latest Pelican lamp technology is still integrated into their flashlights. These lights will provide enough light for all your flashlight needs. Not to mention finding a sparkling little flashlight is rare.

In addition to the superior quality of these flashlights, Pelican Lights has also secured safety licenses from some of the world’s largest safety certification companies. To name a few, the company recognizes that these flashlights are: Edison Test Lab, City Search and Rescue, Factory Mutual Help, Underwriters Laboratories and many others.

Pelican Lights has made a worldwide contribution. Due to popular demand, Pelican Products has opened distribution centers in Japan, Australia, Canada and Spain. The Los Angeles Police Department is currently using its 7060 LED lighting as a standard officer’s flashlight. To understand why these flashlights have been used and used by loyal customers for decades, you should try it yourself.

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